Sun dried tomato, feta and spring onion turkey burgers


I think sometimes the best thing about being a bit of a “throw everything together and see what happens” sort of cook has its advantages. Since I started blogging I am far less thrown when I race in after working later and I need to throw together a tasty meal. Necessity is the mother of invention and all that. I had actually planned this recipe in advance where I would have at least an hours chilling time for these while I prepared sweet potato wedges. However, the fates (or the Gods of Science) decided that I would rush home and throw everything together. But, I think it worked out really well and these burgers were juicy and tasted really good. Plus, while curly fries are perhaps not the most sophisticated meal accompaniment, they do put a smile on my face.

For 5-6 turkey burgers you will need:

500g lean turkey mince

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 tablespoon sundried tomato paste or approx 6 sundried tomatoes chopped into small pieces

3 spring onions

100g feta cheese (crumbled)

Salt and pepper

Making these burgers is simple. Place all the ingredients into a large bowl. Use your hands to make sure everything is evenly mixed. Once the mixture has bound together make your burger shapes. At this point, if you have time chill for at least 1 hour. Otherwise get straight on with grilling the meat.

DSC_0455Heat up your grill onto a medium heat, or place a grill pan on a low heat. Once Whatever you are cooking with has come to temperature grill the burgers for 10 minutes on each side, taking care not to break the burgers as you turn them.

DSC_0457DSC_0458These burgers taste lovely when served in wholemeal pittas, but we had the leftovers with pasta salad and it was euwally enjoyable. As turkey is a lean meat, this is definitely a good alternative when you have a massive burger craving but you’re trying to be good. Sometimes the best healthy dishes are the ones where you enjoy it so much you feel like you’re not denying yourself a thing.



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