Here’s to a happy, healthy January

I think the first few days back to work after Christmas can be more than a little tiring. After time over Christmas basically sleeping, eating biscuits in front of the television and a nice amount of wine getting out of bed has been something of a struggle every morning this week. While I don’t exactly make New Years resolutions (it’s all too tempting to break them) I tend to have yearly goals. However, the main thing I try to do in January is just to be kind to myself. Well, that, and trying not to eat too many biscuits.

So anyway; instead of promising myself I will take things up, go on diets or give up sweet things here are a list of things I think will make January (and the rest of the year) bearable.

  1. Instead of dieting by cutting back on things instead try to eat more healthy meals. Try new healthy recipes, make turkey burgers, stuff a courgette. The world is your multicoloured oyster. I got sent some delicious cold pressed juice in December (its called B fresh) and now I’m a total convert. Who urges you to try this. Anyway, your skin will look better, your blood sugar will spike less and I honestly believe by enjoying healthy living you actually enjoy your food more. If you take away feelings of obligation and guilt and just enjoy your meals, enjoying the odd treat as well your mindset and your relationship with food will improve and you’ll find yourself making healthier food choices more often.




2. Wear your slippers as much as possible. One colder days I actually wear slipper socks under my boots. Try it. Its deliciously warm and comfortable.


3. Get outside. I know its cold and rainy yadda yadda yadda, but hear me out. I adore colder crisp days. The light its beautiful and nothing puts me in a better mood than fresh air. Who can blame me with views like this?


4. Up your breakfast game. When D and I are both off work we tend to have brunch rather than breakfast. Ours over Christmas were particularly decadent (and delicious). However I started making fruity porridge and chia pudding and I have since remembered how delicious healthier alternatives are. So I definitely think a decent breakfast is the key to starting as you mean to go on.



5. Have a good clearout and do the cleaning you keep putting off. Over the last few weeks D and i have been slowly reorganising our house and sorting our conservatory into a home gym. Its a work in progress but I think its already looking promising. Nothing can describe how happy it made me when our conservatory walls were scrubbed of mildew and sparkling again. To illustrate this point here is a picture of our rabbits who were banished from their usual haunt of the conservatory while we cleaned.


Don’t they look unimpressed? They also had a fun trip to the vets and were thoroughly spoiled on their return.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.


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