Jinnah – Harrogate

So it was my birthday yesterday. Somehow I ended up doing rather a lot of things to celebrate reaching my quarter century. This involved two of my friends visiting me in Harrogate for the first time. We ended up eating out rather a lot and also visiting the Turkish baths. (Now the Turkish baths are well worth a visit, we left feeling amazingly relaxed and soft skinned). One of the places we visited was a restaurant called Jinnah which is an Indian restaurant which also does some Persian, Goan, Nepalese and other dishes.

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and the staff are helpful. There are a lot of dishes on the menu that you don’t get on standard Indian menus which impressed me as I like variety in dishes between places I go to eat.

We started with poppadoms and pickles. My friend RC was the one who suggested ordering them but AW and I dug in thus confirming the awkwardness of most women.

2013-05-04 21.39.55
I was mighty impressed by the pickle selection

Now I forget the name of each dish we ordered. I ordered a chicken Parsi and AW had king prawn malai. I *think* RC had a lamb malai, but I can’t remember! Either way the dishes were all tasty and we enjoyed trying them all and mixing them with different pickles.

2013-05-04 21.58.19
Parsi – the nicest dish
2013-05-04 21.58.08
The king prawn malai is at the back

What Indian restaurant order is complete without some naan?

2013-05-04 21.58.25

I really enjoyed Jinnah, it was well worth a visit, the staff were helpful and I thought it was very reasonably priced, considering how stuffed we felt once we’d finished.

You can find out information about Jinnah here.


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