Warsaw – the Food

As mentioned previously, J and I visited Warsaw Poland earlier this month. We ate in some completely lovely restaurants including a more traditional Polish restaurant where we ended up eating on the first and last night, a communist themed restaurant and a sushi restaurant (we felt the need for something lighter one day). The food in general is really tasty, I particularly fell in love … Continue reading Warsaw – the Food

Chorizo sausage and cous cous salad thingy

I suppose this recipe IS a salad, but its a hearty salad. Filling enough to serve to even the most macho men (all men like sausages right?) you can use any sausages but chorizo ones work best with salady things in my opinion. Now this recipe is pretty easy and straightforward, sausages are generally more fatty than other meat products but I think the benefits … Continue reading Chorizo sausage and cous cous salad thingy