Perfect vegan chocolate cake

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or have to follow dairy and egg free diets I have you covered. I think at a push you could even make this nut free if you substituted the coconut oil for soya based spread. If you are none of those things never fear D and I both loved this cake, the cake tends to crack on the surface but the … Continue reading Perfect vegan chocolate cake

Butternut squash macaroni cheese

This culinary experiment was brought to you by the woman who saw a picture of a healthy butternut squash based macaroni recipe but did not want to trek to the supermarket for any specific ingredients.So basically a lazy but healthy recipe without much washing up. Winner. Basically much as we all love creamy or cheesy pasta sauces, they are more something to be enjoyed once … Continue reading Butternut squash macaroni cheese

Quick chia pudding

I do apologise, this is going to be another one of my wonderfully vague recipes. Although I would not call this a particularly quick recipe (who can argue something is quick when you soak it all night?); it will make your morning routine more simple. Not having to think beyond “should I grate in that apple or throw in a handful of sultanas” is sometimes … Continue reading Quick chia pudding

Easy midweek meal idea – Vegan style (Courgette stuffed mushroom with pine nuts)

Well, that was a long title for a blog post, now wasn’t it? Once again I have dipped a toe into the (frankly massive) world of vegetarian and vegan cookery. This week I have kept it simple and tasty. Any die hard carnivores can rest assured that this recipe can also work as a side for steak, lamb chops or grilled chicken. It started out … Continue reading Easy midweek meal idea – Vegan style (Courgette stuffed mushroom with pine nuts)

Attempting a vegan recipe – “Thai style” tofu noodle soup

Now as any regular reader know from my regular fish and steak posts (and related consumption) I am not exactly about to go vegan, but I do eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan meals by choice – I’d far rather eat more vegetable based meals a week and eat meal of a higher quality and welfare standard. Anyway, I digress. Inspired by a couple … Continue reading Attempting a vegan recipe – “Thai style” tofu noodle soup