Baltzersens, Harrogate

Sometimes you find a little place that you adore so much you almost don’t want to tell people about because you love it that much you want to keep it to yourself so that you can still get a seat without waiting too long or your favourite cake running out. Well for me Baltzersens is that place, great atmosphere, fantastic cake and good coffee. I … Continue reading Baltzersens, Harrogate

Harvest crumble bars (apple and blackberry flapjacks with crumble topping)

The other week Ed and I had a very companionable afternoon picking blackberries in Harrogate. I obviously got my new jumper full of thorns and we both ended up walking home nursing nettle stings. Anyway, armed with a large container of frozen blackberries (or brambles as my family calls them) and some beautiful apples very kindly given to me by my mum and FN at … Continue reading Harvest crumble bars (apple and blackberry flapjacks with crumble topping)

Mixed mushroom spring rolls

As I am embracing Autumnal goodies (Fall goodies I suppose for my North American readers) I decided to make these lovely spring rolls using mushrooms from my local farm shop. You can use any mushrooms for these but obviously things like chestnut, portobello or any mixture of mushrooms will work best and offer a variety of flavours and textures. This recipe can stretch to make … Continue reading Mixed mushroom spring rolls